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Our frantic pace of life sometimes forces us to make stops necessary to recharge batteries.

Surely more than once you have felt that you can not do more.

And is that between work, home, children, obligations and your projects, your energy levels are on the floor and is normal.

It is something more and more generalized but that does not mean that we should not be attentive to our health. Always, ALWAYS, pass bill. Physical and emotional health is something you do not play with. If health is nothing, therefore, be careful and be persistent. If you do not take care of yourself, nobody else will.

I think that in our society we do not give the necessary importance to this issue and there are times when our health does not stop and we end up suffering from irreversible ailments or other problems that in the long run will harm us chronically.

Needless to say, the high relation that our health and relax has with our happiness.

If you are responsible and consistent with yourself, take note of these tips on how to reduce stress levels and achieve the well-being that your body and mind need:

Do sport Yes, I know. That if you do not have time, that if it’s still cold, that you have to do something more important, blah blah blah. The excuses are very bad advisors. You have to keep in mind that practicing sports necessarily means that you throw yourself three hours a day or that you are the big drop. If you are short on time and sport is not your thing, just try to walk thirty minutes each day. What can not you find the moment? Leave the car at home and walk to work or get off the bus one stop earlier. With great gestures in the day to day great results are achieved. If you have a partner or have someone on the bench, take the opportunity to practice more sex. This will make you get moments of pleasure and relaxation. And if your lover is good at making erotic massages Barcelona, ​​you already have the perfect triplet.

Eat well. Another … I will not repeat excuses nor insist as your mother would. We have already talked about the little time we have at the moment, but that does not mean that you stuff yourself with junk food every night in front of the TV. Try to leave prepared dishes. Whenever you cook yourself it will be much healthier. Even so, if you see that the kitchen is not made for you, you have plenty of healthy prepared food alternatives. Food is our engine, do not forget it. Our mental and physical health is intimately linked to our nutrition. Ah! And try to include more vegetables and fruit. You will see how you get a dose of energy.

 Find your moment of relaxation every day (mandatory). The same as with sports: you do not have to lie on the couch for four hours. One hour is more than enough to get a resert in our brain and be more productive. I recommend yoga sessions, a spa weekend with your partner or even erotic massage Barcelona. If you have the opportunity I advise you to take a look at Masajes Eroticos Barcelona where professional masseurs will make you spend an unforgettable time.

 For those who are more daring or who do not have a partner available, a naughty and exciting solution are Barcelona relax contacts. Lacking the time to do sports and lead a balanced and healthy life, relax contacts Barcelona is a most relaxing, fun and safe solution that will end up engaging you. You will see how stress and worries disappear completely. I warn you that these contacts are so highly professional and pleasant that you will repeat yes or yes. You will see as if you manage to take time out and your relaxing time will end up being something more than sacred.
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In the previous posts we have focused on various topics around sex, how to improve stimulation with our partner, what resources we have, provocative elements such as erotic lingerie to increase libido, Sex shops where you can find erotic toys that set trends as www.tiendasex .es, among other themes subiditos of tone.

Today we want to focus on something more basic but not less pleasant in the sexual field and for some strange reason is little mentioned when giving advice or talking about sex. In fact it is one of the most pleasurable techniques and they say that well done it is capable of generating superorgasms. We speak of the so-called Kiss of Singapore, also known as Pompoir or kabazza.

If you did not know her already, it is possible that at this moment you are imagining a kind of bizarre, bizarre screw-driver kiss, or all at once … but no.

This practice is as simple as old because it was already spoken of in ancient writings and revered the great pleasure it gives off.

But what is the Singapore kiss?
The French translation of Pompoir is quite explicit given that it means «sucker». It is a kind of suction that causes the woman during the penetration of sexual intercourse with an internal muscle of the vagina, specifically the pubocogixus.

Question of practice
However, for all women it is not as simple to perform this muscle movement. For the most part, many can do it naturally because they have this developed muscle.

However, others often find it more difficult to do it. But, just as there are Chinese balls in Sexshop that allow exercising the pelvic floor of women, there are also practices that help develop greater control and strength in the muscles of this area. Properly, the Kegel exercises are the most indicated to practice these movements. These are some of the movements performed by pregnant women for the preparation of childbirth. In any case, it is inadvisable to perform them to the bullfighter since their malpractice can lead to damage to the area exercised and be totally counterproductive.

When to do it?
The correct way to make this kiss so peculiar is when the man is lying on his back and the woman is riding on top. She, taking full control of the situation and without moving the hips will perform the movement of the muscle sucking the penis. Although any other position that allows the movement without complications is also totally valid.

Who proves it, repeats
If you still do not like this technique so pleasurable, you can always resort to the well-known positions of Kamasutra among many other sexual and conventional adventures as stimulate your partner using erotic lingerie. But rest assured that you should try it with your partner as soon as possible and you will not regret it.


The market of erotic toys increasingly includes more articles with features without equal. The facilities of business thanks to the advancement of new technologies have allowed the sex shop of all life to become ubiquitous thanks to the benefits provided by an online erotic shop.

However, it is not always possible to have erotic toys at your fingertips in intimate moments or it turns out that you catch us unawares in an intimate situation that we want to provide with more excitement.

However, it is not always necessary to buy through an online erotic store to spend an unforgettable time with our partner or lover. The point is to use our imagination a little. We have objects around that can give a lot of themselves in a spicy situation.

If you’ve ever missed any external stimulus like a sex shop toy, take note of the following tips we give you so you can get by with home resources:

Is your partner a top executive? Great, draw him to you around his neck with a tie and introduce him to a passionate movie kiss. It will not be able to resist and will fall surrendered to you.

The tie is also quite useful for situations that simulate or are totally bondage style. Bandage your eyes while playing with your body and practicing oral sex is a good option.

Electric brush
And with this you already have a great stimulator of genital areas. Ideal as a vibrator to massage the clitoris. Of course, try to be a new brush and have previously tried to avoid unwanted setbacks.

Use it to surround your hips while you practice sex in the doggy posture. This will give you a greater sense of control during penetration and will generate more pleasure than usual.

Having gloves of different textures will generate more pleasure during touching and caresses in the body of your partner. Of wool, leather, silicone, latex … the question is to innovate and provide the situation with varied sensations.

If what you prefer is sexual games based on changing roles, you can use a belt to generate tension during intimate relations with the sadomasochist. Tie him to the bed and let the show begin.

Chocolate and fruit
Aphrodisiac food always works. To romp with foods that increase the libido like chocolate or fruit with cream is ideal to organize sexual games between both and have a great time while you eat each other.

These are just some of the most popular and used sexual home ideas and toys although the resources, with a little imagination, can be unlimited. Anyway, if you are not convinced you can always find conventional erotic items in portals and sex shop stores