In the previous posts we have focused on various topics around sex, how to improve stimulation with our partner, what resources we have, provocative elements such as erotic lingerie to increase libido, Sex shops where you can find erotic toys that set trends as www.tiendasex .es, among other themes subiditos of tone.

Today we want to focus on something more basic but not less pleasant in the sexual field and for some strange reason is little mentioned when giving advice or talking about sex. In fact it is one of the most pleasurable techniques and they say that well done it is capable of generating superorgasms. We speak of the so-called Kiss of Singapore, also known as Pompoir or kabazza.

If you did not know her already, it is possible that at this moment you are imagining a kind of bizarre, bizarre screw-driver kiss, or all at once … but no.

This practice is as simple as old because it was already spoken of in ancient writings and revered the great pleasure it gives off.

But what is the Singapore kiss?
The French translation of Pompoir is quite explicit given that it means «sucker». It is a kind of suction that causes the woman during the penetration of sexual intercourse with an internal muscle of the vagina, specifically the pubocogixus.

Question of practice
However, for all women it is not as simple to perform this muscle movement. For the most part, many can do it naturally because they have this developed muscle.

However, others often find it more difficult to do it. But, just as there are Chinese balls in Sexshop that allow exercising the pelvic floor of women, there are also practices that help develop greater control and strength in the muscles of this area. Properly, the Kegel exercises are the most indicated to practice these movements. These are some of the movements performed by pregnant women for the preparation of childbirth. In any case, it is inadvisable to perform them to the bullfighter since their malpractice can lead to damage to the area exercised and be totally counterproductive.

When to do it?
The correct way to make this kiss so peculiar is when the man is lying on his back and the woman is riding on top. She, taking full control of the situation and without moving the hips will perform the movement of the muscle sucking the penis. Although any other position that allows the movement without complications is also totally valid.

Who proves it, repeats
If you still do not like this technique so pleasurable, you can always resort to the well-known positions of Kamasutra among many other sexual and conventional adventures as stimulate your partner using erotic lingerie. But rest assured that you should try it with your partner as soon as possible and you will not regret it.

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