Today I would like to give up my space to broadcast an open letter from an anonymous, professional erotic worker. It is addressed to all the women of those who frequent Putas Zaragoza and company girls. Says so:

«Dear lady, Putas Zaragoza

You may not know who I am, and never get to know me. Believe me, it’s better this way. If you did and you knew what I do, I would probably describe myself as one of those unscrupulous whores who break relationships and destroy entire families.

As you may have guessed, I am dedicated to offering sexual services. And yes, your husband is also one of my closest friends. Yes yes. The same guy who wears a tie every morning, gives you a kiss and says goodbye to the children to march triumphantly to his work. You may never even suspect it. Because «everything is going well between you»

Have you considered why it continues to march so well after these stays behind you with me? He is not better or worse for being with whores Saragossa I do not defend him or intend to excuse him. I just wanted to get you my opinion.

Maybe and thanks to habitually frequenting my services, you are still living a seemingly endless love story and your family is still standing and happy. You may not know it, but using my body to make his sexual fantasies with Zaragoza whores has helped more than you can imagine in making him understand how much he can get to love you in the background and how important it is for him to follow the one with him the other.

Surely, thanks to that, I have not left you yet … You have something that I do not have and it is love, a man who returns every day and, most likely, you are forming or you already have a family.

In my case, I could also have it, yes it is true. But as you will understand, it becomes hard to have a partner when you dedicate yourself for X reasons to these practices.

Therefore, while I earn money to survive and pay my bills, you remain happy with your family and your children, waiting every night that your husband returns home tired after a hard day of work and, possibly after having been with me.

I just hope you do not hate me and remember that if some day your husband or partner moves away from your life it will mean that you will have found someone to replace you and that as long as you keep coming to me sporadically, you will be the only one who occupies your heart.


An anonymous company girl «

I just wanted to leave this transcript of this open letter that I found. This is a girl who wanted to express what she thinks and that was promoted in erotic portals such as putas zaragoza

I will not comment further on this because all opinions are respectable on this subject. I would just like it to make many people think and to serve as a way of not precipitously judging the activity of some people as well as the happiness of some families.

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