Despite all the existing information, even talking and rebutting with friends, I hear confusing comments about the virile member, that is, the phallus, the penis, the whistle, the penis or the cock.

The virile member, call him as you wish, but I think you should know interesting things about him.

How many times have you heard that it is better to have a small size and that you like to play that a huge and clumsy.

A very popular saying, this saying is affirmed by those men who have a small penis. Well, since for your information and calm, a big cock does not mean pleasure, nor be a better lover, in the same way that it does not assure you a greater capacity to make a girl pregnant.

I recently read a survey that determined that the woman preferred a thick member in front of a long one. A very good friend summed it up easily in a sentence, which applies to her sexual life: «I prefer that I fill in and not go through.»

Many men do not admit it but I assure you that when they are in the changing rooms of gyms they do not stop comparing their members.

Either in a concealed form or not, many men look at their manly area, to see if it is larger or smaller than the partner next to it. It is an obsession of many men and at all times you will see your small penis in front of the other penises, even when the reality is not that. Many men trim public hair, that visually makes your virile member appear larger.

When I drink a lot of alcohol I perform much better in bed, I’ve heard it several times and it’s like a piano. It is totally false. Alcohol is one of the worst enemies of the virile member. If it is taken moderately it can give some vitality and mess, but in excess I assure you that it will not lift. Another thing that does not help is tobacco. Buy viagra help?

The ideal thing to have powerful erections, is to lead a healthy life: a sport to improve the cardiovascular system, varied diet, a convenient hygiene and perform Kegel exercises that strengthen the genital muscles of the penis.

So do not believe all the myths and lies that the big thing is going to give you the ultimate orgasm, this is very well-founded by porn movies, where it is far from reality.